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halfofscissors's Journal

dreamlife of a victorian safecracker.
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if you wish to research any topic further, please contact me & i will make available the sources used.
abstracts, anath, angelis ater, antartica, arcologies, arrayed forces, asuras, basalt, bats, beeswax candles, black, black bruises, black magic tea, black sovereigns, black waltz, blurbs, broken ribcages, brothers, calling shoes kicks, canaries, captains of industry, casper meets ebanezer, cathedral worlds, cereal killers, cetacean subconscious, chariots of the gods, coney island confusion, corsets, courts, cousins, crown me king, crumbling cathedrals, cups, devas, devil doll, dinosaurs, eblis, edits, electrophoresis, empire armada, empires, enoch, ethical evil, europa, even whiskey?, execrated wounds, facade, fireflies, function, gaslight, gehenna, gollum, hauntings, hearts, heroism, homeworld, housewives of neccisity, if you are following, if you are reading, intelevision, jack the ripper, jibril, jupiter, kerubim, keyholes, keys, koi ponds, kuje everythnge, loch ness family orchastra, locks, lunacy, m, m. the wicked prince, malfunctioning immune systems, malice, marquis of queensbury, meteor, minor endgames, mistrust, monochrome, mordicai, most precious smeagol, moths, muck raking, mystery, neurophilic fibers, odd readings on barometers, ofanim, paper clips, parasols, peacock angels, pica, polaroids, polaroids of sad cardigans, precious, puzzles, queen anne houses, red brick catacombs, research, riddles, rings, rivets, running from kerubim, scalds, secret, seids, seraphim, shintai, silhouttes, sinking thera, sleeping under lovecraft's bed, smeagol, solutions, spiders, spite, spite's dreams, stage, stained glass, subterrenean exploration, the moon, the poisoners guild, the secret alcove, the third empire, the throne, there is a code, this i am going, this i am planning, throats, tiny swiss watches, to kill you, to kill you again, uncle fester, vaz, wands, wasps with fingers